Welcome to my website!

Hi, I'm so happy you are checking my page! You can see that I'm a very diverse performer... I like variety! My primary occupation is singing Jazz in various languages and styles. I'm also an actress, model & fitness instructor, which you may already know from my bio :)

I have been spending lots of my time recently putting together a few projects that are very dear to my heart: an all-female international Jazz band named ''MARIPOSA'', a Swingband named ''The Phirocious Swing Ensemble'' as well as pursuing my French Jazz endeavors around town and beyond. Edith Piaf being my life-long inspiration in becoming a performer, I also wrote a show in honor of her Centennial in 2015; ''Piaf @ 100'' ; which I'm always happy to perform.

What about you? What's your passion? Drop me a line and I'll for sure keep you posted how the Summer enfolds on my side! I look forward to hearing from you. Warmly,

Myriam Phiro :)

Myriam Phiro