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Voyages'' (2015)

With a twist of French, latin grooves and bluesy notes, Myriam Phiro renders the American and International Jazz & Pop standards that inspired her the most along her personal journey, and accompanies each song with a closer look into her fascinating worlds as an actress, vocalist & dancer. Acclaimed by the press (see all reviews here), the international selection on this new album, “Voyages”, is brought to you by an all-star band:

John di Martino (piano)
Vinny Raniolo (guitar)
Nicki Parrott (bass)
Rob Garcia (drums)

as well as special guests Adrien Chevalier (violin) Robbie Klein (trombone) & Dominique Gagné (flute)

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“This French-Canadian Quebec City native delivers a home run on her first effort with the help of expert arranger/musical director Vinny Raniolo, who has breathed new life into many of those old chestnuts, giving many songs an exciting Latin flavor with a pulsing beat and palpable energy. When Ms. Phiro’s vocals, which bear the distinction of sounding sensuously smoky and crystal clear at the same time […] the “Cure” that Porter was talking about has been found. My worries dropped away, and I felt like I was on a vacation to some beautiful villa in France, if not in Paris, at least Bordeaux.” -Jonathan Shade, Nite life exchange

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“The versatile yound singer is a pro with a special sound. The talented mezzo mixes her potions well, seemingly an old soul as she sounds ensconced in a comfort zone with these older numbers. Without sounding self-counsciously coy, there’s a playfulness and eye-batting charm about her approach. She is disarming. Best of all, she sounds like she’s well acquainted with the quainter items without sounding overly influenced by or aping those who came before her with the well-traveled classics on Voyages set list. […] Myriam Phiro’s captivating vocal stylings and choices are instantly attractive and reveal even deeper enjoyment factor on repeat plays. […] This is the kind of album you want to keep in the player for frequent voyages, to sample Voyages many pleasures. It’s good company.” –Rob Lester, Talkin’ Broadway

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“I fell in love with her the way I fell in love with Julie Delpy when she sang at the end of Before Sunset. Her voice is not just beautiful. It’s also friendly and inviting, and at times intoxicating”

Michael Doherty, Michael Doherty’s Music Log, 2015

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“she develops a character and works a lyric like a fine actress working her lines. […] Sometimes her vocal persona seems so changed, so buried is the singer in character, it is as if another singer had taken over the mic. […] Songs well sung: That’s Myriam Phiro’s recipe for her Voyages.” -Jack Goodstein, Blogcritics

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“Her act is so wonderfully out of the ordinary, it doesn’t pay to even try and pigeon hole it. […] Sexy and sassy, this is sure to stir some atavistic nerves in your psyche you might have not thought even existed. Well done.” –Chris Spector, Midwest records

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